Week 8! The Finale

If the weather will only work with us this week we are going to end the first 6 week (turned 8 because of rain) with a bang!

Boulder Park

June 24th

6pm race: 1 lap 7pm race: 2 laps

Link to Strava of course: No Strava of Course, click here for map.

We will be racing from our headquarters at the Concorde Church parking lot down the south side of A loop to the main trail head, cutting e guts of A loop and hitting the last two red extensions with the skull hill bypass before heading to a partial B loop and then to D loop and conquering PORTER HILL!! This will be our most intense climbing course yet! We will then end up on the usual exit of E to get out of the parking lot where we hit the lap/finish line. Brutal, glorious and fun. If the climbing hurts, grab a bigger gear and smile!

Erwin Park

June 26th

6pm race: 2 laps 7pm race: 4 laps

We are headquartered back at the top parking lot at the front of the park this week as we head to the southwest section for a bit of fun. This is the iconic Erwin Park course featuring the large open field climb, the dips, the asphalt road climb (damn you shawn) and the return of the ever glorious tunnel. Starting from the top parking lot we will use the same lead out as last week that went back to the cop house, through the gulley and then we will cross the street to hit the singletrack. As everyone knows this course is the hallmark favorite and features plenty of roots, high speed and fun.