The time has come!


We kick off our second series of summer racing this coming week with the following courses.

Boulder Park

Jul 29th


6pm race: 1 lap
7pm race: 2 laps

Map of course:

From our race HQ in the Concorde Church parking lot we will head into the final stretch of A back towards the parking lot. The first 2 red extensions will be used and then the rest will be bypassed as you race on to D loop. You may have thought the course was easy… until you get to Porter Hill and the 1+1=1 section. Once over the top of Porter Hill and finishing D loop jump back on A and then a quick switchback onto the exit of E loop to our exit back into the parking lot.
(Strava reading is very off. Apologies)

Erwin Park

July 31st


6pm race: 2 laps
7pm race: 4 laps

Map of course:

We start at the top parking lot and rip across the paved road to the top entrance and immediately start with roots, tight trees and smiles. We are starting the series with fun and flow while ripping through the no brakes sections on both ends of the big field climb. Once you hit the road prior to the infield you will be taking the road and hauling up the paved road back to the top, the section you affectionately named “Damn you Shawn” last summer. Awww… I love you guys too. <3