Week 5!

Boulder Park

August 26th


6pm race: 2 lap 7pm race: 3 laps

From our race HQ in the Concorde Church parking lot we start into the trail on the final stretch of A in the back parking lot. Racing past the main trail entrance there will be a hard left hand turn as we cut out the “guts” of loop A and head for the north side. Hitting the first 2 red bypasses on A and then skipping Skull Hill the course will then go to loop B. After finishing loop B, reconnect with A and head for the exit on what is typically the exit of E loop and back into the Concorde Church Parking Lot.

Erwin Park

August 28th


6pm race: 2 laps 7pm race: 4 laps

This week we head back to the expert section of the trail and get to include both the Scream ‘n Drop and the wooden berm. Sweet! This is most likely the tightest course we use with the fewest opportunities for open field passing, so all the more reason to bring an extra tank of gas and really punch it when you find the opportunity. We will have our race HQ setup at the north gazebo for this race and the start will be at the T-intersection at the bottom of the asphalt hill. You will start headed northwest up the Strava segment named “Shawn You Suck!!” to the cemetery entrance and follow the trail until it exits just south of the expert section at the old trailhead. From there you will turn down the asphalt road and head back to the north Gazebo to the finish line/lap timing.