Week 6, The Finale!

Don’t miss our final week of racing for 2014!

Boulder Park

September 2nd


6pm race: 1 lap 7pm race: 2 laps

From our race HQ in the Concorde Church parking lot we start into the trail on the final stretch of A in the back parking lot.¬†This is our final week and we are prepping for this weekend’s kickoff to the DORBA Fall Series. The course will use an abbreviated A loop hitting only the final red extension on A. That means Skull Hill and the Stairway bypass. Then we head over for the full B loop and finish up the night with D loop and Porter Hill (hopefully paved!).¬†

Erwin Park

September 4th


6pm race: 2 laps 7pm race: 4 laps

We are headquartered back at the top parking lot at the front of the park this week as we head to the southeast section for a bit of fun. This is a fast, pass happy course with lots of turning. Our start line will be next to the cops house where we will race through the gully and then hanging a right next to the upper parking lot. From there we will dive into the peek-a-boo on the dam and then down the high speed no-brakes section before hitting the open field. Following the singletrack racers will go through the V-tree, up the punchy dam climb and finally through the airfield and back to the start. This course does have a lot of open field singletrack, sunscreen and extra water is recommended.