The DFW Summer Series began in the summer of 2013 as the Erwin Park Summer Series and took place at Erwin Park in McKinney Texas. The races began as an opportunity for local mountain bikers to get out, ride their bike in a competitive environment and to help grow our local community.

In 2014 the series expanded to a second race at Boulder Park in Dallas and was re-branded as the DFW Summer Series to better reflect the overall commitment of including everyone in the metroplex. Unfortunately due to circumstances outside of our control 2015 hit like a monsoon and the season was rained out. In 2016 we prepare to have our best year ever but are limited to racing at just Erwin Park in McKinney due to the full time job obligations of the promoter. (sad face)


The DFW Summer Series is organized and presented by ColorMate Racing Foundation with a LOT of help from local community members just like you. Shawn McAfee is still a big part of the series along with Texas Mountain Bike Trails

Special thanks goes out to all the volunteers  for help with our branding/setup/running and volunteering their time to help with course identification and planning. To DORBA and the Trail Stewarts for helping with the Erwin Park trail.

We are extremely grateful to the city of McKinney for allowing us to hold the races within their wonderful park, and finally to the community for creating and maintaining the wonderful trails we have access to. Without the consent and help of each of these organizations the DFW Summer Series would still just be a dream.