We play it pretty straight and simple. Not a lot of mess just fun grassroots racing. However, we do have a few rules.

1. The Jerk Clause

If you’ve ever done a TXMTB or Lone Star XC race then you’ve heard the pre-race speech. It all gets summed up by me saying “Don’t Be A Douche”.

We are all racing to have fun, nobody is paying their bills through this summer series. Race hard, but also race smart and more importantly race safe. Don’t cut people off to get a half second gain, don’t push someone to the side while trying to pass. And also, be sure to let people pass when they ask to pass.

Anyone that decides to violate the no douching rule will immediately be banned from all future races. This is not taken lightly.

Be courteous, be safe, be awesome in my book.

2. Hero Dirt

You will be handsomely rewarded for your time and effort in keeping our trails awesome. Racers who contribute toward  trail workdays during a single series (6 weeks) will receive the following:

a) Bonus points for each workday participated in up to a maximum of 4.

b) All racers who participate in three (3) or more workdays will receive a free series T-shirt.

3. Member Benefits

All racers who are found to be members in good standing with our local mountain bike advocacy groups DORBA and FWMBA will receive bonus points toward their series standings.

Our goal through TXMTB events is to help build and foster the community that surrounds us. These local advocacy organizations are incredible resources for us as racers and also for growing our sport. Without their leadership and volunteerism we would not have these wonderful trails to ride.

4. “Cat” Ups

Any racer who a) wins 1st place in at least 3 Sport class races during a series or b) is asked by the race director to “cat up” will be immediately moved to the Advanced/Expert race for any following races of that series. Any racer that is moved to the Advanced/Expert race for that reason during the first series must race Advanced/Expert during the second series as well.

We want our races to be fun and competitive for all involved. Sandbagging is not allowed nor welcome in any way. Challenge yourself by racing the best available.

This rule is at the discretion of the race director.

5. Have Fun

That’s it, follow those 4 rules above and this last rule should be easy. Smile early and often, have a cold beverage after the race and maybe some food when we have it available. We are here to have fun, enjoy each other’s company and competition and continue to improve our riding.

If you are only coming to the summer series races to “win or gtfo” then you’re at the wrong place. Relax, smile and lets have a party.

See you on the race course!